English names: Stone Pine, Italian Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine
Up to 15-20 meters in length and can reach a width of 10-14 meters.
It is a thick-bodied tree that lives up to 150 years and grows in medium speed.
As a young person, the top of the ball forms an umbrella / dome-like shape as it ages.
Grows in sandy and clayey, rich soil.
He wants plenty of sun. It is drought resistant.
The wood is not high-calorie enough to be used as fuel.
Pistachio Pine is mostly grown for pine nuts production.
It is also used as a shade tree in parks and gardens due to its umbrella structure.
The bark is thick, deeply cracked, red-brown in color and has a dark gray color.
The young shoots are thin and dark green and become yellowish brown as they age. Buds 7-22 mm in length, covered with red scales, white feathers on the end, pointed, egg-shaped and resin-free.
Always green leaves. The leaves are in binary bundles and are 10-18 cm long. The stoma lines on both sides of the leaves are quite evident.

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