Shelled pine nuts purchased from our producers are broken after sifting and sizing process.Products that are broken and separated from shells are washed and dried. Afterwards, foreign grain and defective grain products are separated in color separation machines.Then the products that are checked before the packaging in the selection band are packed and presented to our customers.Products are usually 25 kg. in bagsand 10 kg. packaged in parcels.During the processing of our products, the chemicals which will change the organoleptic properties of the product such as taste, smell, color and appearance is not used.


Pine tree, 20-25 meter in size, is a flamboyant tree that looks like an umbrella that can be easily distinguished from other pine species.This tree, which can live up to 150 years, starts to give “cones” from the ages of 10-12. The cones complete the ripening in threeyears.The cones have a green color at the end of the first vegetation season and a reddish color at theend of the ripening process. The maturing cones are cut by hooked poles called “ keye” and are harvested between November and April. InJuly-August, cones laid in the fields are dried under the sun and pinenuts (Küner) areobtained. Obtained shelled pine nuts can be stored in damp-free and ventilated warehouses for 2-3 years.


Obtained from cones of pinenuts.Pine nut, which is an extremely high product with high nutritiona lvalue and economic value.10-12 years after the planting of the seedlings to give the product, then each year to give products,but low production quantities and laborious labor is the most important factors in the high price.

Wetness 4,64
Water Activity (aw) 4,52
Ash 41,93
Oil 44,9
Protein 31,97
Carbohydrate 13,9
Vitamin Contents ( mg/100g)
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 2,50
Thiamin (B1) 1,50
Riboflavin (B2) 0,28
Potassium 734
Phosphorus 654
Magnesium 362
Calcium 16,33
Iron 10,83
Zinc 6,56
Manganese 5,83
Sodium 4,66
Copper 3,3
Miristik(C14:0) 0,04
Palmitik(C16:0) 6,31
Palmitoleik(C16:1) 0,90
Heptadekonoik(C17:0) 0,11
Steraik Acid(C18:0) 3,51
Oleik(C18:1) 38,31
Linoleik (C18:2) 47,10
Linolenik (C18:3) 1,17
Arakhidik(C20:0) 0,37
Ekosenoik(C20:1) 0,56
Ekosadinoik(C20:2) 0,53
Ekosatrionik(C20:3) 1,76
Henikosanoik(C21:0) 0,12


Biofuels are ourby-products as a result of processing pinenuts
Biofuels are used as heating oil in bakery, greenhouses, homes.

It is high calorie heating fuel obtained by grinding pinenuts withcones. 40 kg sacks are sold raw and processed.

Energ Analysis:

Damp 15,14
Ash 1,26
KCAL/KG 4.200
Density 380 Kg/ m3

It is the outermost shell of pinenuts. Due to its very hard and flammable properties, calories are higher than cones. It is sold in 40 kg sacks.

Energy Analysis:

Damp 11,20
Ash 1,48
KCAL/KG 4.800
Density 520 Kg/ m3