About Us

In 1997, the company started production in an area of 200m² in Kozak region of Bergama where the world’s best and best quality pinenuts are grown.
Habay Gıda has been renewing it self in 2009 in order to be able to produce in the changing and developing world standards, and continues its production by setting up a new factory on and 4000m² open and 2000m² closed area as totaly 6000m² area.
Habay Gıda is a producer of many domestic and foreign markets with its high quality production and reliable sales support.
The company continues its production with its young and expert staff who are renewing itself and adapting to the expanding market needs and conditions.

About Our Region

Turkey, which is a natural paradise where the Kozak Plateau to reach the highest quality pine nuts, pine nuts are manufactured since antiquity. Approximately 600-1000 meters above sea level, each side of the Kozak plateau is full of lush, peanut trees. The reason why this region, which is covered with peanut pines, takes the name Kozak is this famous vegetation. The natural foliage is pistachio pine and the pine nuts growing in Kozak Plateau, where around 5 million peanut pine trees are found, are large, plump and white. Bergama Kozak is recognized as a product of domestic and foreign markets. Quality of the product; This region’s soil structure, precipitation regime, climatic conditions and pine nuts for years to come from the conscious producers that provide.

Bergama, located in the Bakırçay Basin to the north of İzmir, is one of the most important settlements in the history of civilization and was founded on the ancient city of Pergamon. Although the history of the region goes back to the Bronze Age, the earliest finds at the top of the fortress where the ancient city of Pergamon was founded belong to the 7th and 6th centuries BC.
The city became prominent in the Hellenistic period and was the capital of the Pergamon Kingdom founded during this period. There are many buildings worth seeing in the city such as Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. The city, which smells of history on all sides, is an open-air museum, like many of İzmir’s districts, and one of the richest districts of İzmir in terms of culture.
Ancestor of medicine Physician Galenos and parchment paper are the most important contributions of the district to the world cultural heritage. Parchment is known as the best quality writing tool that humanity has ever found. The Pergamans created a great cultural treasure in the library they created from parchment paper and competed with the Egyptian civilization.

Bergama was declared by the UNESCO as the world’s 999th legacy.